The Role of Motivation in High School Efl Classrooms in China

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Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Current situation of motivation in high school students’ spoken English learning 2 2.1 Definition of motivation 2 2.2 Spoken English and problems of high school students in spoken English learning 2 2.3 Problems related with motivators and factors that affect motivation 3 3. Effective methods of motivation to inspire high school students to speak English 5 3.1 Appropriate teacher’s role 5 3.2 Goals setting and creating an active and cooperative classroom atmosphere 6 3.3 From intrinsic motivation to autonomous learning 7 3.4 Developing learners’ interest 7 3.5 Increasing the learners’ self-confidence 8 4. Conclusion 8 References 10 The role of…show more content…
One is integrative motivation which is positive attitudes and a willingness to be valued by learners in ESL study. The other is instrumental motivation which can be qualified by practical purpose, such as job acquisition and examination pass. Gardner and Lambert (1972, in Skehan, 1989. pp.53) argued that instrumental motive is more dependent on ‘external pressure’ and not based on the ‘personality of learners’, so it is less effective to gain learners’ accumulative progress by making an effort. Chen et al. (2005, pp.609) points out that integrative motivation plays ineffective role in linking with expectancy when compared with required motivation. However, despite some comments above, motivation generally takes a primary role in second language learning success (Richards and Schmidt, 2010, pp.378) and both two oriented motivations can lead to spoken English success for students. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is another distinction worked out by Deci and Ryan (1985, in Ryan and Deci, 2000, pp.55). They basically distinguished intrinsic and extrinsic motivation by different intentions or targets. More specifically, in language learning, the former which refers to an interest in learning which comes from the learner, and extrinsic motivation which is driven by outside factors, for example, social pressure, academic grades. 2.2 Spoken English and problems of high
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