The Role of Multiparty System in Ethiopia

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The Role of Multi-party System in Ethiopia

Obsa Matewos
Temesgen Getaneh
Selam Araya


November, 2013
Addis Ababa

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This paper basically attempts to identify and critically examine the role of a multi-party system in Ethiopia. Besides laying emphasis on the role of multi-party system in Ethiopia, it discusses the notion of what a multi-party system is, the distinctiveness it has and outlines the countries in which it is put into effect. Furthermore, this paper compares the multi-party system that exists in Ethiopia with other nations that currently endorse the
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The country had generally been characterized by absence of accommodating various outlooks for almost all of its history. As a result of that grim reality, the country was characterized by protracted civil wars, which were basically the off-shots of different outlooks that could have peacefully been resolved, had there been multi-party system in the country.

The very concept of Multi-party system came to life in Ethiopia in 'Ginbot' 20, 1983 Ethiopian Calendar, which is after the time EPRDF overthrew the tyranny invoking military regime known as the Dergue and controlled the country. After the Dergue was overthrown, the first 'round table' discussion among various political forces and scholars from in and outside Ethiopia defeated the one rule and joined hands to establish a better advance known as the Transitional Government of Ethiopia (TGE) which led to the adoption of the TGE Charter in 'Sene' 1983 Ethiopian Calendar. This charter has made a revolutionary chronology in the birth of the Multi-party System.
Then the consolidation of the infant Multi-party system stepped ahead through the establishment of the Electoral Commission with the proclamation number 11/1984 as per provision of charter of transitional period. It was independent and non partisan. This aided to make the election process a fair and free one; a perfect weapon
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