The Role of Music in Life

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The Role of Music in My Life From as early as I can remember, there has always been music. Of course some of my earliest memories have been supplemented by stories shared with me by my parents, but my own genuine memories are from rather early in my life. She told me as I got older that she began to sing to me when she first found out she was pregnant. She had read books about the importance of making a connection with the baby, even in the womb, and how music could soothe the baby and help the baby to recognize the mother's and father's voice. My parents shared with me that they would both talk and sing to me as my mother's belly grew. They wanted to make sure, even in the womb, I would recognize their voices and they could connect with me from the beginning. I can remember my mother singing to me to put me to sleep when I was just an infant. After reading my bedtime story, she would sing a few songs, the same songs, every night until I fell asleep. I learned that music was very important to both my parents, and they used it as a way to teach me a number of things as I was growing up. The bedtime songs were not the only songs especially my mother sang to me. There was a song to wake me up that when I was old enough, we would sing together as I brushed my teeth and got ready for the day. Traveling in the car, whether it was a short distance or a long trip, the radio in the car was always on, and either my mother or father or both of my parents would be singing
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