The Role of Music in Religion

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Music is a powerful thing. It evokes feelings and has the power to bring people together. Music plays an important part in all our lives. It is very difficult to imagine our world without it. We choose the music we listen to in our personal lives, but are subject to music in different environments. Music plays in restaruants, stores, when we are on hold, it also plays a very important part in movies and tv programs. Music communicates emotion and thought when we are at loss for words. It plays an integral role in the spiritual and emotional well being of our lives. Music is a constant companion in our lives. What is the role of music in religions? In most religions, music has an uplifting effect designed to help its performers and listeners achieve union with their higher power, music has an exceptional role in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Dogon religion. What is music? The ancient Greeks understood music to be something related to tie every structure to the universe. The “music of the spheres” was originally thought to be the sounds of the concentric spheres of the universe rubbed against each other, and music was created. Music is a very important part of Christian worship and celebration. Music unites the congregation so that God is worshipped with one voice. A variety of music is used in Christian worship including hymms, gospel songs, psalms, contemporary music, and instrumental music all of which are played for meditation and reflection. Since the beginning,
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