The Role of Nelson Mandela and President De Klerk in Bringing about the End of Apartheid in South Africa

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Apartheid, means "separateness", this was a social system enforced by white minority governments in twentieth-century upon those of ethnic minorities in South Africa. Under apartheid, the black majority was segregated, and was denied political and economic rights equal to those of whites, this had become a distressing daily routine for the Africans. Therefore in 1991 when De Klerk announced the end of Apartheid, this was a momentous moment for the whole of South Africa and an event, which shall be remembered, in black history forever. After over 50 years of apartheid policies the Africans were finally freed from confinements as the law accounted upon them as equals. However, the question as been…show more content…
This shows the importance of Mandela?s role in bringing about the end of Apartheid as by organising these protests more and more publicity was being gained of their cause hence, increasing international support for the idea of bringing apartheid to a minority rule.

In 1953 to 1955 the ANC ran a protest campaign against the removal of blacks from Sophiatown, a black township next to the white areas of Johannesburg. The ANC refused to contemplate armed resistance, and in February 1955 4,000 police and military troops blocked off the township while municipal workers razed the houses to the ground. Mandela then learnt that the ANC's peaceful protests would not match the armed resistance of the National party government. This event was hugely publicised internationally, resulting anti-pass law demonstrations, such as; Bus Boycotts, The Black Sash, Beer-hall and Rural protest being held worldwide. This can therefore be said to be another exemplar of Mandela?s importance in the removal of apartheid as it were these string of events which thrust forward the beginning of a new South Africa.

In March 1960 the ANC inspired protests which resulted in riots in many areas of South Africa forcing the government to declare a state of emergency. In April 1960 the ANC was classed as an

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