The Role of Nursing Informatics

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The Role of Nursing Informatics The American Nurses Association delineates nursing informatics as a domain that encompasses the integration of nursing science, information science and computer science in order to communicate and manage information, data and knowledge within the nursing practice (Elkind, 2009). Elaborately, nursing informatics facilitates data integration and incorporates both information and knowledge in order to help support patients, nurses together with other healthcare providers during their decision-making processes within all healthcare settings and roles involved. The achievement of this support is possible through the application of information processes, information structures, in compliance with information technologies. In nursing informatics, documentation is one of the primary emphases since the quality of healthcare services relies on effective communication amongst healthcare providers (Elkind, 2009). Since the healthcare providers have to communicate primarily via notes written in patients' charts, nurse informaticists seek to improve the timelines, accuracy and speed of patients' charting. If health workers get access to more up-to-date information and comprehensive patient notes, they will be capable of making better decisions about the patients' care services. According to Elkind (2009), nursing informatics looks forward to methods of enhancing and simplifying the documentation processes using an advanced information and computer
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