The Role of Perceived Outcome and Process-Oriented Supervisory Actions

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Objective of this study is to provide a critical review of a research paper titled "Implementing Changes in Marketing Strategy: The Role of Perceived Outcome and Process-Oriented Supervisory Actions". (Sarin, et al, 2012).The authors investigate the influence of supervisors in implementing changes in the marketing strategy. The focus of the paper reveals the strategy sales supervisors use in influencing salespeople in implementing strategy-marketing changes within organizations. The authors further argue that firms periodically need to change their marketing strategies to achieve technological development and generate opportunities. Typically, development in technologies necessitates firms to formulate changes in the marketing strategies to capture opportunities from the new technologies. To capture opportunities from the technological changes, firm often use their frontline employees such as supervisors to influence their salespeople to get customers to transact business using internet platform rather than offline method to purchase goods.
Theoretical Framework: The authors formulate stress theory and change management theory to provide greater understanding on the challenges sales supervisors could encounter in convincing salespeople to advise their customers to use online method to purchase products rather than from salespeople. (Lafferty,et al 2006). Typically, salespeople may be reluctant to implement the changes because they may believe
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