The Role of Recruitment and Selection Essay

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Human Resource management (HRM) can be defined and simplified in various ways. One definition is that HRM is to “get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats” (Collins, 2001). The People theory is a theory in HRM that includes Recruitement and selection- two major subjects in the HRM function which concerns people and their way to a job for them.This essay will treat and discuss these two topics, recruitment and selection and their importance to the HRM function. Recruitment Job advertisements is a form of recruitment and can be done through several ways for instance through the internet, newspapers, jobcentres etc. (Foot and Hook, 2008). According to Armstrong, M., (2009).The…show more content…
decrease and ultimatetly leading to happier employee, more productive and efficiant employees (KISSmetrics, 2013). The way Google recruit also shows the importance using the correct method of advertisement the technological aspects is necessary to consider due to an increased rate of internet usage and increased people searching for vacancies through the internet and corporate websites creates the possibility to reach a wider range of talents (Internet World Stats, 2013). However, there are still organisation advertising through brochures and leaflets handed out in the city or sent home to their target groups or potential candidates with a quite high success rate. One example is the UK armed forces with a total of approximately 177 000 in the regular forces (ArmedForces, 2012). This shows how different forms of advertisement can contribute to the same thing - attracting a larger pool of potential candidates to the organisation through a quite randomised method to avoid stereotyping. Lacking the suitable canditate for a vacancy can lead to an increased risk of the person leaving the job at early stages of the employment, which can lead to the organisation suffering and having to go through recruitment process more than needed. Motivation and discipline of the employee might be lacking since the individual might not be content with the vacancy leading to unmotivated and unsatisfied employees and as a result leading decreasing preformance and productivity which
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