The Role of Religions in America

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Did you know that according to Procon’s polls, there are over 300 religions in the United States? Monotheisms, polytheisms, pantheisms, and atheism make up these 300 religions. Although the United States may be one of the freest countries in many fields such as freedom of the press, its censorship level is the fourth lowest in the world according to Reporters Without Borders, I believe that freedom of religion isn’t one of its more free fields. For example, the national motto is “In God We Trust,” which shows the United States that it is a monotheistic country and not secular; no separation of government and church, another example is the controversial “under God” in the pledge of allegiance. Although some atheists and polytheists believe that the words “under God” should be `removed from the pledge of allegiance, it may be argued that it should be kept. The word “God” may only apply to Christianity and Judaism monotheists, although the United States is a religiously free country, allowing monotheists, polytheists, and atheists to practice their religion freely. The Pledge of Allegiance was initially written in 1892 in a magazine, but it didn’t contain the words “Under God,” actually it wasn’t in there until 1954. It was required to be recited in schools in 1940, it, however, was repealed three years later for “political reasons.” Presently, if you attend a public school in the United States, you are encouraged, but not required to state the pledge of allegiance, which
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