The Role of Sentencing in the Justice System

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Sentencing plays a extensive role in the criminal justice system. “ The sentencing of convicted offenders in the United States had been based principally on a rehabilitative model” (Miller, 1981).It is the discipline predetermined for an offender. When thinking of the many sentencing components used, to predispose the price an offender has to pay for the crime committed. There are many pros and cons for the many different types of sentencing we use in the criminal justice system. Their are some extremely harsh sentencing we also have some that are very sympathetic. The topics I will be discussing more in depth are, Mandatory minimum, Indeterminate sentencing, and Truth in sentencing. Mandatory minimum sentencing, are among the most contentious of sentencing plans because they establish a solid penalty on an offender, and judges cannot consult mitigating aspects, while its uttermost frequently associated with drug offenses today, these sentencing practices began as a feedback to local crime dilemma. “The motivation for these laws has primarily been to provide a simple and politically viable means of increasing the expected sentence for individuals who commit certain crimes” (Bjerk,2005). Some pros of mandatory minimum are crime deterrence and conformity in sentencing. This gives criminal offenders an good idea of the consequences for committing or participating in a life a crime. It further dissolve the
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