The Role of Serotonin in Schizophrenia

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Many areas of the brain, along with chemicals are affected in a schizophrenic patient. The structure along with the function of the brain would be abnormal in comparison to a healthy functioning brain. The causes of many symptoms contributing to schizophrenia are still unsure of, and are instead hypothesised.
Schizophrenic patients are thought to have higher dopamine levels in their brains (overactive dopamine system). Many antipsychotics are designed to block dopamine receptors, and bind them, helping patients to improve and experience less severe symptoms, further proving the dopamine hypothesis. It was also found that drugs that increase dopamine levels (amphetamines) have caused more psychotics symptoms. This could partially result in a few psychotic symptoms occurring in the illness (GROMISCH, 2013).
Research shows that there is a correlation between creative and dopamine receptor bindings in the thalamus (PHD, 2012). The thalamus relays and processes information such as visual and auditory information. It was found that both creative minds and schizophrenics minds have lower dopamine receptors, this could result in why schizophrenics have abnormal thought processes and why some normal functioning brains tend to be…
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