The Role of Social Media in Business

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The Role of Social Media in Business
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Introduction 3
The role of social media in business 3
Trend of Social Media and new Bossiness Intelligence 5
Advantages of Social Media in Business 6
Disadvantages of Social Media in Business 8
Conclusion 10
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At the present, social media has become a very important element of business especially for the marketing purpose. Additionally, using the social media tools, techniques and channels (such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) companies catch more visitors and massive amount of network and operational traffic. In this way, without investing
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For instance, Twitter allows clients and potential clients to analyze their activities inside record of their newspaper. Thus, instead of directly promoting these accomplishments by posting projects companies can create a “buzz” regarding their actions (Cortez, 2011).

Latest trends in Social Media and Business Intelligence

With the passage of time, a lot of new trends are emerging in the business intelligence marketplace. The most recent trends include unstructured data, the data warehouse applications, self-service and agile business intelligence, the list moves on. In simple words, the basic goal behind these developments is to make business intelligence more well-organized and additional interactive. In this scenario, social media can play a very important role in bringing these trends closer to this goal through superior level of collaboration and ease of use. Additionally, the role of collaboration is increasing in business intelligence. Whether businesses want to communicate more efficiently with clients or partners, and other departments inside the organization, social networking can improve the level of communication (Wise, 2011). In addition, with the growing use of social networking sites like that Twitter or LinkedIn, corporations are now searching for useful methods for conveying their messages inside their particular marketplaces. At the present, a lot of people make use of these platforms for personal communication, interaction with
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