The Role of Social Media in Political Rallies

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This essay will be researching on the question of whether mobile and social media had taken an important role in contemporary civil protests and rallies especially in Asia due to the socio-political background. Sunflower movement, a protest that took place in Taiwan earlier this year in March will be used as the case study for the topic. Due to the lack of academic resources about this new event, news article and internet resources will be my main approach of research for the movement. This essay will discuss the topic by discussing how social media can be used in protest, a brief introduction on the Sun Flower movement in Taiwan, the way social media had been used during the movement, the possible moves government might take while trying to control the general public’s opinion, and how this kind of social media usage are more likely to be popular in Asian regions.

When referring to using social media within political protest and rally, the first event that came up to most people’s mind is the Arab spring from 2010. With Twitter, real-life live information can be spread easily. Moreover, with the hashtag feature, protestants can easily form temporary group and access to information with regard to specific topics
(Small, T 2012: 109-110). However, Twitter didn’t gain its popularity in Taiwan like in the Middle East. Instead, Facebook was much more popular and Taiwanese are the biggest Facebook users in Asia with the highest penetration rate (Wu, S& Wu, S 2013; Cole, J
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