The Role of Social Support in Coping with Hiv/Aids

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Social Anthropology
Chesney Ward- Smith
Site D, Leslie Social
Basic setting from the top stairs looking down- to my direct left there is a large tree as well as a parking lot which is semi- full. Further down on my left is a large concrete, grey building known as the Geographical Sciences building. It has about ten stories. This building is covered with ivy which has variants of greens, browns and reds in contrast with the grey concrete. In front of me are also four different coloured bins for recycling. They are red, blue, green and yellow.
To my right is another concrete building, known as the Leslie Social building. It has five stories. There are glass doors which make it accessible from the side. To my immediate
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Get on the bus as fast as you can or get left behind; contrastingly, get off the bus as quickly as possible to get to class on time or it is for the scramble for fresh air. Many cars also drive passed. Far in the distance, through the campus buildings, I can see the sky line of the city and a light layer of pollution that hangs over it. Sound- The crunch of pine needles under my shoes (remember that I am sitting on the embankment under the pine trees across the road.) I hear the whir of the wheels on the tar as cars drive passed, I hear the clanking of chains as construction trucks drive passed, the rustling of the pine needles in the wind, the loud engines of the busses as they wait for their passengers to load onto the bus, I hear the hiss of the bus as the bus driver changes gears and pulls off once the buss is full. Taste and smell- Taste the fumes of the passing buses and cars. Touch- I can feel the pine needles poking into my bum as I sit and write. I feel the roughness of the bark of the trees, the smoothness of the tar as I walk across the road.

The memorial
Basic setting-
I am sitting right in front of the memorial over- looking the city. To my immediate right are steps (on both sides) leading down to the road. After each succession of grass, on the left and right there are stretches of grass (on both sides) that stretch on for about 70 metres or so. Then to my far left lies Smuts Hall, and to my far
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