The Role of TQM

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What is the relationship between Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Improvement (CI)? Discuss the roles of Quality Assurance and Quality Control and their relative importance in demonstrating this relationship? What is the role of quality role in the development of an E-Commerce capability? Total Quality Management (TQM) is focus on the quality of the products or services. TQM expands beyond statistical process control to embrace a wider scope of management activities of how we manage people and organizations by focusing on the entire process, not just simple measurements. TQM philosophy is a “continuous improvement” approach to doing business through a new management model. Quality assurance/quality controls are those…show more content…
Requirement are solicited and competed, and most of the time set aside for a specific social economic group (Small business, Veteran disables groups, etc.). Contractors/vendors must be certified to do business with the government (such as required registration in system management award). All procurement activities are available for public scrutiny; anyone can request access to the public records under the Freedom of Information Act. (FOIA). The private sector is no ruled buy the same regulations. Purchasing and supply management is driven by profit. Procurements do not need to be solicited by any regulation. Suppliers do not have to be certified to do business with the organization and there is no public scrutiny of procurement practices. The salient differences of public practice are that they strive to get best value for tax payer dollar, and guided by federal regulations and statutes, but also these practices are focused at providing opportunities for small businesses and minorities such as veterans and other groups economically disadvantaged. These differences affect the buyer supplier relationship. Transactional, collaborative or alliance type relationships with suppliers are applied in the acquisition process based on the nature of the procurement. In the public sector in most cases you will find agencies apply transactional relationship with its suppliers. In this dynamic the

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