The Role of Woman

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Throughout the course of the semester I feel as thought the roles of women from the readings we have read all relate to each other. I don’t think that the roles of women in British and colonial society changed much, if not at all. Each reading that we have read, the women’s role is mainly to stay home with her children to raise them and tend to them while the husband works and makes the income while sheltering his family. Another role that the women throughout these time periods is that most of them don’t know the outside world because of not doing much but raising their children. A role of women throughout British and colonial society is that the pressure of society influences on them. The only role of women that changed throughout these periods was their freedom and privileges.

During the Victorian Age, the “Angel in the House” displayed the roles of women in British and colonial society. The Angel in the House was your ideal women and a part of the upper class in society. This woman was educated, as she would teach her children how to read. The Angel in the House was very devoted to her husband, but most of the time she was relatively unhappy. Two readings that talk about the roles of the women, is the “Angel in the House” is the poem “Angel in the House” by Patmore and the reading “Of Queens’ Garden” by Ruskin.
The poem is about Patmore and how he sets up a model of his wife insisting that that’s how women should be. This woman is held up to many expectations and as a

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