The Role of Women in Australia 1900-1941 Essay

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YR 12 HISTORY- AUSTRALIA 1901-1941 Aim: „« To describe the nature of the role, and lives, of women in Australia before, during, and after World War One „« To identify, and describe the extent of, the international influences on the role, and lives, of women in Australia before, during and after World War One Australian women prior to World War One lived a life that consisted of traditional female roles similar to those of their British and Irish relatives. Their value in society was based on their ability to bear and raise children and maintain a home and they were dependent on the financial support of their husbands. Families of 10 or 12 children were common in this era and daily home life was described as ¡§labour intensive.¡¨…show more content…
These female nurses provided medical help for the wounded soldiers at Gallipoli and also on the Western Front. As most of the hospital stations were near the front line many nurses were exposed to aerial bombs and shelling. They were expected to work in primitive conditions; some hospitals were equipped for a mere 520 people yet held 2500 during the wartime. As a result of the long hours and poor conditions many nurses suffered serious illnesses. A total of 2139 Australian nurses served overseas and of these 25 died. Through enduring such adverse conditions nurses proved extreme dedication towards the war effort and their country. As nurses were the only women allowed to directly contribute to the war effort, the women who couldn¡¦t serve sought to boost morale, raise money and provide comfort for soldiers, especially those who were sick or wounded. A particularly popular attempt to assist the soldiers was that through knitting. Some 600,000 socks were knitted for the troops from NSW alone. Women all over the nation knitted socks and various other items to send to the front line, many with personal notes of encouragement attached. Additionally, ¡§comfort boxes¡¨ were compiled containing various items the soldiers might require and were sent to the front line. To best achieve this many groups such as

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