The Role of Women in Exodus

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The Role of Women in Exodus Many Jews regard Moses as one of the most important and influential figures in the Jewish religion. He freed the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, he was able to talk to God face to face, he was the mediator who saved the Children of Israel from God’s anger, and was viewed as one of the greatest leaders in history. “Moses is the ultimate ‘Spiritual Man,’ and his repute in biblical time and after is awesome. A midrash goes so far as to say that while the Israelites in Egypt and the desert were at almost the lowest possible level of impurity, Moses was at almost the highest possible level of purity,” (Reiss). Moses was a man of God and it seems as if the only one who helped him through all of his …show more content…
They display the courage for decisive action. They take risks because they know there are never guarantees. They don't wait for signs and miracles. They also demonstrate the capacity for maintaining concern about the welfare of others in circumstances when it might seem smarter to save your own skin. Through their actions Moses becomes the leader God chooses to confront Pharaoh. The rest, so to speak, is history. God plays a role in the story, but only well after human beings have acted decisively to transform their world,” (Arnow).
Women in Exodus also had very hard and different types of labor. The Hebrew men would be exhausted after a hard days work of slave labor, but their spirits were never completely broken thanks to the Hebrew women, their wives. They did this by, “ keeping alive the spirits of their husbands, preventing them from becoming depressed under the burden of slavery, and giving up in despair. They accomplished this by paying special attention to their appearance, and charming and enticing their husbands, thus keeping their marriages and the Jewish Family alive, under extremely difficult circumstances.” Later, Pharaoh switched the work from the men and women; women would work which was more suited for men, and vice versa, thereby disrupted family and work norms. Despite being physically exhausted, these women were still able to seduce their husbands to preserve the Jewish family. The Hebrew

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