The Role of Women in Nation Building

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Tayo A. Zubair

Nation Building is a process of constructing and fashioning a national identity. The choice of these key words, process, and construction and fashioning are very fundamental because they are the basic ingredients of nation building. Taking a critical look at these words one will realize that nation building is indeed a process which takes place over a long period of time. It is gradual and not drastic or a sudden occurrence. Construction and fashioning are also very important in nation building because there are things to be constructed and fashioned out, both in physical and intangible terms. Fashioning here is a conscious effort at creating an identity and a national image. Among those
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However, despite the very limited roles played by women in Africa in nation building, there have been occasions when women rose to the challenges facing the nation. In Nigeria for example, there was the incidence that is now referred to as the Aba women riots of 1929, where it was the women who championed the cause of the nation when they protested the taxation of women by the colonial authorities. Furthermore, there have been individual women that achieved great feats for their nations. An example of such women includes Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti, the wife of the renowned reverend, Israel Ransome Kuti, who organized a lot of campaigns against colonial rule. Another woman in this category is Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia who rose to through the political brouhaha that plagued her country for more than a decade to become the first female African head of state. These women were able to rise above the limiting factor of their gender to contribute greatly to nation building in their time.
Perhaps, we should credit the traditional role of women as a significant contribution to nation building. This because, often times the responsibility of child training and home making are being anchored by them and it is the kind of training that a child receives at home that to a large extent shapes the way that child contributes to his or her society. Beliefs, values, ideals, and perception of the mother also

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