The Role of Women in Orthodox Judaism. Essay

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The Role of Women in Orthodox Judaism. Founded by Abraham and Moses, Judaism is almost 4,000 years old and is based on the Jewish people’s covenant relationship with God. In the traditional Judaism belief, women are viewed as separate but equal to their male counterparts. In other words, although within the religion, women live under heavier restrictions regarding their responsibilities and obligations, their roles are just as important as those of the men. In the Orthodox Jewish religion, women are expected to stay at home and take care of the house and children. They are exempted from all positive mitzvoth that are time –related, because the women’s duties as wife and mother are so…show more content…
While the problem of Orthodox men refusing to give a “get” is most prevalent, many people do not realize that Orthodox women also have a right to refuse to accept a “get” (Nelson). Under those circumstances, both husband and wife have to sign a legally binding which will allow Jewish court to make the decision regard a “get”. The court could also fine the man or woman who refuses to live up to the contract. Due to this law, today every fifth couple in Israel choose not to get married in the Orthodox way, and every tenth couple lives together without marrying (Oz 74). In the Orthodox Jewish tradition women are required to dress in modest skirts or dresses, where their legs, necks, and elbows cannot be seen in public. For that reason, they are expected to wear sleeves at least to the elbow, blouses or dresses with necklines that do not expose any cleavage and skirts that cover the knees when seated. This is not because a women’s body is sinful but rather that men are weak, and if they would see too much of a women’s skin it would arouse desires and distract them (Women in North America Judaism). It is also consider immodest for married women to have uncovered hair in front of men other than her husband, not because women’s hair is considered something evil, but that is considered a beautiful thing and should be shown only to a husband that women loves. Also, covering their hair is a part of “tzniut”, a spiritual path of modesty and
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