The Role of Women in Othello

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A woman is the full circle but it is ordinarily believed that women are the weaker species. Women in this play conduct themselves in such a way that they allow men to dominate them. Back in the days women were taken as property. They were distrusted and mistreated. Men held more power than women. The disparity in the number of characters expresses the preferred gender in the play; there are more men than women. This bigotry is very much accentuated in the whole play. Women are spoken vicious of and often treated as furniture. They depict to be conquered yet the whole play is cantered on women. The play involves three women and they are all kept; Desdemona who is married to Othello, Emilia who is the wife of Iago and Bianca who is the mistress of Cassio. In the first act of the play, after Othello and Desdemona’s merger (marriage), Barbantio accuses him before the duke. . “O thou foul thief!”(act1.2. 62) “She is abus’d, stol’n from me”. (act1.3.60) He utters in such a way that he refers to Desdemona as his possession, she was stolen from him he claims. He calls Othello thief which articulate that he purloined Barbantio’s commodity. “A man he is of honesty and trust. To his conveyance I assign my wife”,(act1.3.281.282) Othello in this perspective handles Desdemona like a perishable good that needs to be conveyed and taken care of with delicacy.“…come here my dear love. The purchase made, the fruits are to ensue; that profit’s yet to come ’…” Othello refers to his marriage

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