The Role of Women in Religion: An Investigation

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Abstract This document investigates the role of women in religion. It highlights religions that are dominated by women, where they are leaders and formulate theology. In addition, the paper analyses the present role of women in religion as well as giving prediction of their future roles based on the rational choice theory. The Women Religions There are few known women dominated religions in the world today. One of them is the Woman's Church. This church was founded in 1993 and is independent within the Icelandic National Evangelical Lutheran Church. The teachings of this church, are based on feminist theology and focuses on freedom women should enjoy. They talk about God in the feminine gender and perpetuate distribution of power. The other religion that is women dominated is the Kings of Kings. This religion is women focused and members are isolated from their loved ones. If one's husband is opposes to the group she is encouraged to separate from him. According to them, religion comes first. Founded in 1994 by Mary Sheridan, the group operates as registered charitable organization. Critics claim the group is a cult and controlled by the influence of Mary Sheridan (Nolan, 2004). The members revere Mary Sheridan and consult her on everything. They meet five times a week and critics consider the leaders as prosperity theologians, who persuade their members to give offerings to avoid God's wrath. The other female dominated religion is Wicca, which Gerald Gardner founded
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