The Role of a Custody Officer

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The role of the custody officer was created by the Police and Criminal evidence act 1984 (PACE act). Throughout this essay I will be discussing the role of the custody officer and exploring the stages that must be undertaken when a person is detained and processed through custody post arrest. I will also discuss the various sections of the Human Rights Act 1998 that are affected when a person is detained, the limits of a persons detention, and the processes that must be undertaken if the custody officer wishes to extend the time that a person is kept in custody. I will be exploring the duties of the custody officer and what the job role entails on a day to day basis. Whatever is done by the custody officer is to be undertaken in a certain…show more content…
Every detainee must have a custody record opened for them when in police detention. All information is recorded here by the custody sergeant with relevant times and dates also recorded, verified by the custody officer’s signature (PACE act 1984). The Custody record is an ‘open’ document that must be made available to the defence, a detainee’s solicitor is entitled to see the custody record the moment of arrival at a designated police station and must be given a copy at request any time within 12 months of the detainee leaving police detention or coming before the courts. It is the Custody Sergeants responsibility to make sure that the custody record is kept up to date, accurate, and complete. The detainees must also be read out their three basic rights under code C of the PACE act, these rights are the right to have somebody informed of their arrest, the right to consult with a solicitor and be given free legal advice and the right to consult the codes of practice (YourRights 2007). The Custody officer must also assess mental health and identify any communication barriers; this may result in the need for an interpreter or possibly even the consultation of a doctor. They must also review any evidence relating to the investigation and decide whether there is a sufficient amount to charge or whether the detainee must be kept in custody so more evidence can be obtained. The custody officer must determine whether he
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