The Role of a Manager

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What is a manager? According to the oxford dictionary a manager is ‘a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff’ but is that really what a manager is? (Oxford dictionaries 2011)This is because they are many different types of managers, as well as different roles each type of manager will have to perform, in order to be efficient and achieve their desired results. Also there are managers who must possess certain character traits or skills in order to command his staff under different environments and situations such as patience, determination, motivational etc. Maybe u have wondered if the manager is actually involved in the activities of the organization and if so what
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However there are three fundamental skills any manager must have in order to be a manager and they are technical, social and human and conceptual skills. First technical skills ‘relates to the application of specific knowledge, methods and skills to discrete tasks.’(Mullins, 2010:442) this means a manager must be very skilled at a specific task as this helps him to gain respect of his staff and persuade them to do certain task. This type of skill is very useful for the likes of training new or old staff and also helps with the daily operations of the production of goods. The other fundamental skill is very important as being able to secure the effective human resources is important benefactor to the organisation achieving full productive capacity. The other skill is called the social and human skill which is really the same as interpersonal skills, this consist of a various list of skills such as listening, communication, decision making, problem solving etc. Everyone knows that management and organising of work depends solely on the people that work there because without the staff the systems and procedures are meaningless. This fact is supported by the quote ‘good people management produces financial success. Companies which look after their staff on average out-perform the stock market by two or three times and there is no moral dilemma in either choosing to make money or look after people. If

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