The Role of a Midwife in Maternity Care

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This essay will be relating to an episode of care that was provided to a woman, her partner and their baby on day five during the postnatal period. It will examine the role of the midwife in relation to breastfeeding and how this was not achieved in the case study which is shown in the appendix. Throughout the essay it will look at the following outcomes: the role and responsibility of the midwife within current maternity care provision, the importance of sensitive midwifery, key legal and ethical dimensions of the midwife's role and key sociological and psychological agendas impacting on current maternity care. In today's society, the midwife has more roles and responsibilities than ever before. A midwife is someone who has to be able to provide women with the essential care, supervision and advice during their pregnancy, labour and postpartum period, and to care for both mother and child (International Confederation for Midwives 2011). As autonomous practitioners, they act as an advocate for the woman by supporting her and encouraging her to make her own independent decisions (Royal College of Midwives 2008). Midwives care for families from different social, psychological and physical backgrounds and work as part of a multi-professional team so excellent communication is vital. The number of women with complex social and physical needs such as drug and alcohol misuse are increasing, and a midwife needs to adapt to these situations and communicate effectively (Midwifery
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