The Role of a Montessori Teacher

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The Role of
The Teacher
Clare Walker

The following essay should describe the Role of a Teacher within the specially Prepared Environment as defined by Maria Montessori in her years of observation. In a Montessori School, the word Teacher is not used as Directress is used instead.
In her writings, Maria Montessori used the word “Direttoressa” taken from the Italian word “direttore” which when looking into the meaning of the word is less about telling people what to do but more about steering people in the right direction. It is not only used for teacher but also for conductor, editors and managers.
The word “Directress” which is used today was first used in translation of the book The Montessori Method in 1912 by the
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“The real preparation for education is the study of one’s self. The training of a teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning ideas. It includes the training of the character; it is the preparation of the spirit” The Absorbent Mind. Maria Montessori.

Below are examples of Montessori Lessons throughout the ages. It shows how the method of teaching remains unchanged. Italy circa 1910 giving a lesson in geometrics 1913
Present Day
This quotation means that a teacher must fully understand her own abilities, her character/ personality and imagination/experiences and then to understand the differences between that of an adult and a child. She must be free of all prejudices and to see each child as a unique individual waiting to develop and be ready to take a passive role in the classroom by letting the child take the lead. All these tasks are not easy and will take considerable practise. The teacher only becomes active when presenting the learning tools then her role is very different. She must briefly demonstrate the new materials in a clear and simple manner so as not to detract from the attractiveness of the apparatus. Then return to the passive for the observation of the child.

It might also be beneficial to teach with an assistant or another directress. You would then be able to confer and get a different perspective of each child, who may
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