The Role of a Nurse in Data Collection

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Week Three Discussion Questions What is the nurse's role in data collection, patient privacy, and ethical treatment of human subjects? Nurses at times find themselves expressing ethical issues that have not yet occurred to anyone else. Certainly, ethics and quality are linked. Research in nursing remains a geared directly or indirectly to the public good. Involvement of other people brings an obligation for the nurse researcher to consider the worthiness of the project. Once this is considered, they must ensure that both are worthwhile and their purpose is achieved. Successful research in the field of nursing relies upon a sensitive blend of sound design, innovation, careful planning and execution. This is combined with attention to detail through the whole process. Enthusiasm is important. However, on its own it is not sufficient to guarantee either success or ethical soundness. The temptation is to adopt research strategies that have been successful in other disciplines (like medicine) without considering what this exactly means in terms of nursing's values, aims and philosophy. The rights of all persons and patients to life, self-determination, esteem, privacy and also protection from all forms of manipulation and injury are the values that must govern research nurses in their conduct to those they involve as subjects/participants and co-researchers. Competency boundaries The first requirement for researchers in nursing is, just as it is for a clinician to work within
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