The Role of a Strategic Leader in an Organization

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The role of a Strategic Leader in an Organization

Herman A. Mason

Jones International University


The notion of management has been in existence since time immemorial, and so has the concept of strategy, which finds it roots in military parlance. It was the responsibility of the military leader to organize and plan his military engagements in such a way as to achieve the maximum success of his armies. The military leader had to strategize, and make positive or progressive decisions to ensure the success of his armies.

So it is in the area of management where it is the
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This leadership types doesn’t take the initiative and see the task at hand as being part of the everyday blend of things. This type of leader is trained and will be very stereo-typist. This leadership type is often found in government departments where rules are rigid, and the scope for the introduction of new innovations is not readily accepted due to budget constraints, and the fact that the organizations survival is not based on its profitability. The visionary leadership type requires power to influence people 's thoughts and actions. This type of leader requires total control of any situation that presents itself, which makes this style of leadership very risky. A visionary leader tends to be very proactive as against reactive in the case of the managerial leader. In relation to being proactive this leader will follow an idea or proposal whether it is popular or not as long as he/she perceives it to have a glimmer of success. The visionary leader is a risk taker, and is shown as they will put their credibility of the line to equating power with the ability to achieve immediate results. There is the risk of losing self-control in the desire to obtain power. And there is the risk that the presence of visionary leaders may undermine the development of managerial leaders who become anxious in the relative disorder
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