The Role of the American Penal Law System

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Introduction According to Zimring, the role of American penal law system may only be possible in case the official as well as non-official participants within the system will consider state punishment to be acting in form of a system of practices and rules that may and should be integrated in itself and in the broader system of state governance based on the law. This process of integration may therefore be facilitated by a penal law web. Achievement can be met towards the legitimacy of American penal law in case the penal law will be brought back to its origin (object-subjects), these are the citizens forming the state that is involved in threatening and in the long run imposes punitive pain towards them all as based in the penal law. As a matter of fact, there will only be a guarantee of the legitimacy of American penal law after a distinction that is existing within the official and non-official participants within communal praxis of punishment will be abandoned, and that will be possible when the entire American political community will recognize the penal law of the state as a law. In form of openly reachable resource, there will be empowerment of long-term legitimation of American penal law through penal law web. This is done by cutting via layers of official system participants who seems to be threatening to insulate the penal law using their expert knowledge based on the continuous public critical analysis that it has to attain and maintain legitimacy, (Franklin
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