The Role of the Artistic Director in a Theater Production

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Artistic director: An artistic director is responsible for the artistic end of theater production. He or she is in charge of creating and executing the artistic vision of the play. The artistic director is considered to be a creative or interpretive artist as they interpret another person’s work. Production Meeting: A production meeting is when the music director, choreographer, set, light, sound, and costume designers meet with the artistic director to discuss and create the production concept. Dramaturg: The dramaturg goes out to different cities and reads plays. He or she also tries to locate translations of the play, writes articles on the play, and writes articles on dramaturgy. Development director: The development director is responsible for developing a plan for fundraising and he or she pays special attention to various sources of fundraising such as corporations. Mission statement: The mission statement serves to address the theater company’s purpose, values, and goals. The mission statement is written by the board of trustees and is then sent to the IRS in which it receives a status of 501[c] [3]. Technical director: A technical director handles the technological aspect of theater. This includes lights, sounds, and various equipment that is to be used for the play. He or she is part of the production concept and works with the set designer. Director’s concept: The director’s concept refers to what the play means to the director. This is based on

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