The Role of the Biblie in Christian Education

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In this paper I will discuss the Authority of Scripture and how it has a role in the way the Bible is taught in Christian Education. I will discuss and tell what the Bible is. I will discuss different interviews on what other people think the role of the Bible is in the Christian faith and what I believe the role of the Bible is in the Christian faith. I will also discuss how I will teach the Bible in Christian Faith after having listened to others and having completed this class.
Authority of Scripture
What is the authority of scriptures? Let me first start by defining the word authority. Authority is “the power to influence or command thought opinion or behavior” (Webster Ninth New Collegiate Dictonary, 1990)
How do we interpret
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The Bible is used to help us identify the Bible characters and helps us to understand our own feelings and responses to God’s activities. The Bible is the inspired Word of God that has been passed to his people. The Bible is an historical account of events through which God seeks to make God known to us today. The Bible offers a means that we can see God’s presence. The Bible tells of interactions between God and creation. The Bible reminds us what God has done for the people though out history and into our own present lives. (Baker) (Rev. Baker developed the worksheet The Bible Is……).
The Bible is a primary source of information about God and his journey through life. It has 66 books which consists of an Old and New Testament. The Old Testament is a crucial part for us to have a true understanding of this Great Book and God’s love for us. The Old Testament consists of creation stories, love stories, and stories to help us in building our character and morals. These stories are about History, The Laws, Prophecy, Wisdom Literature, Poems and Songs which are all found in the Old Testament. The New Testament is centered on Jesus Christ, and give us a divine human encounter with Jesus Christ. The New Testament consists of stories of Narratives, Parables, Sermons, Letters and Apocalyptic Revelation and the New Testament fulfills the stories of the Old

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