The Role of the Government in the Society

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The government has a particularly complex role in society and it is thus essential for the social order to be able to elect its government. In contrast to other bodies, governments have the legal right to use force and this means that all governments need to be carefully organized in order for individuals in these communities to be able to accurately comprehend concepts like morality and the best interests of the groups that they represent. Governmental behavior need to reflect behavior seen in ordinary citizens, as these respective individuals are responsible for electing governmental officials who act in accordance with the will of the people. A government that is not elected by the society that it governs is predisposed to putting across subjective thinking and is even likely to act in disagreement with thinking promoted by the respective society. As a consequence, it is important for individuals to be certain that the people that they elect are going to serve them as a community instead of serving their personal interests. A government that fails to act in accordance with thinking expressed by the masses that it is meant to serve is probable to experience difficulty and it is even likely to be removed from governing the community. Taking into account that the government is the only body in a society that can use force, it only seems natural for that particular society to have a good relationship with the government and to be certain that the individuals that it
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