The Role of the Housekeeping Department

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Housekeeping Role of the housekeeping department The housekeeping department in any hotel is the department that is concerned with ensuring that the hotel rooms are kept neat and clean at all times and deals with all other ancillary services that are attached to the hotel. It is also the department that deals with ensuring the reputation of the hotel is kept high since it maintains a standard of cleanliness in the hotel that gives it this reputation. When in the hotel, one feels comfortable if the environment that they are staying is clean, well ordered and smelling fresh at all times. Therefore, cleanliness in the hotel is important for the health of all visitors as well as for their general well-being during their stay there. Since the accommodation business in any hotel tends to be the biggest and largest part of the hotel, it is usually the section that gives the largest amount of revenue. Therefore, the housekeeping department plays a huge role in making sure that that this revenue keeps coming in. This is done by ensuring they maintain a very high standard of cleanliness and neatness in the hotel. When the visitors to the hotel like the standard of cleanliness at the hotel, they may begin to prefer this hotel when they are in town and they can also end up giving good references to friends and acquaintances thus raking in more money for the hotel. However, if the standard of cleanliness is poor, they will give negative references and thus reduce the income for
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