The Role of the Individual: A look inside the Galactic World of Star Wars (1977)

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Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy that is unlike anything modern society could conceive as being authentic. It exists in a time before Earth was even thought of. At the start of the movie, a civil war is occurring between the Rebel Alliance and The Galactic Empire. A leader of the Rebel Alliance, Princess Leia, stole plans from the Galactic Empire (also known as the Imperial forces) for the Death Star. The Death Star was a very heavily armed space station with weapons capable of destroying an entire planet. After stealing the plans, Princess Leia sent two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, to the planet Tatooine with a copy of the plans in R2-D2's memory bank. The droids are then captured and sold to a farming family. The nephew of…show more content…
The light side of the force is concerned with doing acts of goodness within the galactic universe of Star Wars. Followers of the light side of the force “strive to live in harmony with the world around them, acting out of wisdom and logic, rather than anger and hasty judgment. (JATM)” Several times in Star Wars (1977), the Jedi Knights are shown meditating. Their meditation was “to clear themselves of emotion; particularly negative emotions such as aggression, fear, anger and hatred. (JATM)” Traditionally, the Jedi Knights were responsible for keeping the force in balance. They achieved this by destroying the dark side of the force. This enabled them to help return the balance of good and evil, the force, back to its natural state of equilibrium. They shunned the dark side of the force for it represented corruption and shunned the power of the dark side because it contradicted the Jedi Knight's role in society. The light side of the force focuses on positive emotions in life. Much of their emotion aligns with using the force ethically or for achieving good things in life. An emotion the Jedi Knights steered away from was passion. To them, it was considered dangerous and could lead a Jedi Knight towards the dark side of the force. The emotion of love is an interesting topic for both the dark side and light side of the force. Both sides tried to avoid love because it skewed their emotion. The light side of the force focused on a type of love,

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