The Role of the Nurse Leader

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The Role of the Nurse Leader The role of the nurse leader entails many of the same duties as other nursing staff. The primary focus of the nurse leader is of course, patient care. However, the role of a nurse leader extends far beyond that managing staff in direct care roles. Many people confuse the terms management with leadership, but in practice the implications of these terms differ significantly (Anderson, 2012). The nurse leader must take steps to advance the nursing as a profession and to inspire other team members by serving as a role model. This reflective research will explore the many faces of nurse leadership and the role of the nurse leader as a professional advocate. The Nurse Leader as Advocate The nurse leader has a dual role as an advocate. They must advocate for the patient and they must advocate for the nursing staff as well. Their role as a patient advocate includes many different tasks, even though they are usually not involved in direct patient care. The nurse leader may not be involved in direct patient care, but they are in close contact with other nursing staff who are involved in direct care. Patient advocate tasks may include drawing the attention of Physicians to a potential medication error, or helping the patient be heard by the nursing staff and their Physician (Wood, 2010). Advocating for the patient helps them to heal not only physically, but emotionally as well. Patient advocacy helps to build rapport between the patient and staff.

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