The Role of the Nurse in Interdisciplinary Rounds

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Nursing, The Interdisciplinary Team and a Culture of Safety

Denise Doyle KOT 1 June 20, 2012

The Role of the Nurse Historically the role of the nurse has been as a patient advocate. Nurses’ have advanced from being seen as low cost labor to an autonomous practioner. Prior to Florence Nightingale the nurse was a member of a religious order or under the direction of the military. Florence Nightingale established the first nursing schools and was responsible for their own practice. In the early 1900’s nursing education was taken over by hospitals and the licensing of nurses began. In the 1990’s nurse practioners, (under the license of a physician), began prescribing
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The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services defined 34 core measures that define quality of care, and in order for a nurse to be a leader in the interdisciplinary team she/he must focus on evidence based practice and care coordination that leads to quality care. As a nurse you can exhibit leadership by taking a stance on a problem and identifying ways to solve a problem, and communicating to the physician the patients’ needs and responses to treatments. When a patient is admitted to the hospital with an exacerbation of CHF, specific treatments must be initiated to meet core measure standards. As the admitting nurse, it is your responsibility to ensure that these standards are being met. Have you ever worked with a nurse that says “The doctor knew the patient was here and he didn’t write orders for the patient so what am I supposed to do?” A leader would call the physician and give them an SBAR report on the patient and ask if he/she wishes to initiate the CHF order set. The nurse leader must make sure that patient safety is being met and the initial assessment starts the plan of care. During interdisciplinary rounds you communicate that the patient has new onset of difficulty performing her ADL’s at home because she has become so short of breath. A nurse leader would have a plan of care established to ensure the patient has everything they need for discharge. The nurse informs the physician of the patients decrease in her
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