The Role of the Practitioner in Providing Play and Learning Opportunities

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Section A: the role of the practitioner in providing play and learning opportunities. E1- Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in meeting children’s learning needs. Case study 1 – Mark - a 2 year old boy The EYFS states that Mark should be developing at certain level for his age and stage. Marks personal, social and emotional development as a unique child, should be that he is interested in others play and starts to join in. As Marks key person I will support him to become confident in interacting with other children and other adults. It is my role to make sure Mark is developing and learning at the correct rate. Mark has a positive relationship with his mum and dad so as his key person I need to ensure…show more content…
Samantha needs to ensure she concentrates on Jacks positive behaviour instead of reacting to his negative. Jacks needs are not being met and this is why Jack is behaving like this. Jack if requiring his mums attention at any opportunity that he gets. This is because he does not see his mum that much as she works all week and all day. Jacks mum could encourage his child-minder to enforce positive behaviour with Jack and to do the reward system at the child-minders as well as at home. This would help Jack not to get confused with being able to behave differently in different environments. As a practitioners I would first suggest to reward system with Jack I would also recommend taking part in calm activities when he arrives home from the child-minders such a puzzles and books to keep Jack calm before going to bed. A1 – Include a reflective account of the role of the practitioner in supporting the learning needs of children. In the childcare setting I supported a child’s learning need by helping them to bond and communicate with other children and other members of staff. This child became particularly attached to one member of safe and it was becoming unhealthy. Sometime it would be to the point where is the member of staff left the room the child would stand at the door and cry until they came back. I supported this child by distracting the child with toys and activities that they liked. I built a good bond and relationship with the child which
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