The Role of the Registered Nurse in relation to delegation. Essay

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The Role of the Registered Nurse in relation to delegation. One of the vitals skill required by the Registered Nurse is the skill to assign tasks to subordinates (Saccomanos and Pinto-Zipp 2011). When tasks are delegated to subordinates, the RN remains accountable (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008). On the other hand, an individual who has been given a task also bears responsibility for the task and is answerable to the RN. Hence, delegation involves “responsibility, accountability and authority” (Sullivan & Decker 2005, p. 144). This essay will examine the role of the registered nurse in relation to delegation. Areas that would be discussed includes definitions of delegation, benefits, types of delegaton, nursing process in…show more content…
However, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (1995) also defines delegation as giving authorization to a capable individual to execute a particular nursing task in a particular situation. According to Lookinland et al. (2005) the registered nurse was solely responsible for the care of the patients but due to staff shortage, budgetary constraints and high rate of sicker patients, the need to delegate duties to other non registered personnel arose. Delegation provides a lot of benefits for both the organization and the staff. Cost effectiveness and time savings have been identified as the benefits of delegation as these helps the organization to utilize resources and staff in an appropriate manner (Finkelman 2006). Consequently, Pearce (2006) suggested that delegating repetitive tasks could lead to RN’s time being used effieciently for other tasks. Moreover, when tasks are assigned to others, it leads to the tasks being done in an efficient manner and an increase in productivitiy (Finkelman 2006). In the same light, Potter et al. (2010) stated with delegating duties to other staff, professional growth can occur as these staff have the opportunity of learning new skills, and having enough time in engaging in other activities. When delegation is used in an effective way, it builds up teams and improves quality
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