The Role of the Relationship Between Therapist and Client in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the Context of Therapeutic Tasks

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THE ROLE OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THERAPIST AND CLIENT IN COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY IN THE CONTEXT OF THERAPEUTIC TASKS CANDIDATE NUMBER: 12823707 22-11-2011 Essay submitted for the award of Foundation Degree in Psychodynamic Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Birkbeck College, University of London CONTENT PAGE Introduction Page 3 Appendix 1 Page 13 Appendix 2 Page 15 Appendix 3 Page 16 Appendix 4 Page 17 Appendix 5 Page 18 Introduction Within this case review I will explore the relationship between client and therapist by identifying the role it plays within the following; establishing the boundaries of my work; assessment/diagnosis; the development and process of the relationship, including my own self…show more content…
However Robert was able to show insight into his depression by processing that this can also be triggered sporadically and sometimes without cause. Feared consequences and risk of suicide and/or intention Robert fears that his current partner will end their relationship and abandon him, taking his other two children with her. Robert stated that he has attempted to take his own life and sporadically has thought of death, dying or suicide, however states that he has not attempted suicide in the last 6 years. It was acknowledged that Robert has deliberately cut /caused himself physical harm Impact on quality of life Robert acknowledged that when he is depressed and anxious it has a detrimental effect on his family, e.g. his family worry as they recognise that Robert will drink heavily and become violent when depressed. Coping strategies and support network Robert identified his coping strategies to be; Self talk; Ground techniques / Distraction Techniques (reading, talking to his sponsor, listening to music). Robert recognises that he has a supportive network which consists of his sponsor, non using friends, and his mother who is a mental health worker. It was acknowledged however that Robert struggles to utilise these support networks when he is in a low mood. Birth and upbringing and family Robert is the youngest of three siblings. He processed that he has a close relationship with his mother, however
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