The Role of the Various Prison Personnel in Maintaining Prison Security

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As prisons become more crowded and internal problems arise, it is important to keep control and stability inside and outside of the prison. Although there are many security measures that can be put into place, it is hard to say whether it is the physical design of the prison or the skilled officer that makes the difference in safety and security. Both play a major role in keeping things running smoothly inside and outside the perimeters. A correctional officer is responsible for the supervision, safety, and security of prisoners in a prison. These officers are in charge of the care, custody, and control of inmates. Most prison officers are employed by the government of the country in which they operate, though some are employed by …show more content…
For example, a correctional officer at a minimum security institution may be responsible for casually supervising inmates as they work or participate in treatment programs while at a maximum security institution a correctional officer would have duties involving the regular use of restraints, weapon searches, and tactical response. A prison’s chain of command may include the following positions, starting at the top of the ladder would be the warden of the prison, who falls under the position of administrative staff, they are mostly in charge of prison policy and running the institution. Below them would be the correctional officers. Classified by their location in the facility and the duties required of them so far seven officer roles have been identified. One of them is the block officers, they have much more in contact with inmates since they have to supervise housing areas, like cell blocks and dormitories. Block officers conduct head counts, inspections, searches and thus control most of the inmate’s movement. Another role is that of the work detail Supervisors, these officers are responsible for work the detail of prisoners inside and outside the institution as well as keeping track of the materials used. Jobs inside the institution include working in the laundry room and kitchen or doing maintenance. On the outside these jobs include community service. Yet another role is that of the industrial shop and school
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