The Role of the Vietnam War on the 1960's

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The Vietnam War played a huge role in the 1960’s, over 50,000 people were killed, and the war began from a dispute from two colonies. Vietnam came apart along with Korea by an agreement of the north and the south. When John F Kennedy became president there were problems between Soviet Union and the United States. Cold war was getting worse and worse; President Eisenhower had to resolve the issues with berlin and Dictator Fidel Castro. These conflicts would eventually lead to a cordial resolution. The progressive political organization did not last long they went about a lot of things violently. In the 1960’s television and music experienced many changes. Music experienced new artists, different genres and exciting musical festivals. Television introduced different genres that range from daytime talk shows to sitcoms that portrayed the average American family. During this time period America improved in a lot of ways due to the music that people listened to and the television shows that were aired. In the 1960’s music had a lot of influences on everyone not only adults but teens too. Starting from RnB music to blues to rock n roll to even folk music it all had an impact on the people that listened to it. Rnb music around this time was thought of as the heart of music it originated from different genres. It started to have more of a gospel sound in the 60’s with artists such as Sam Cooke, James Brown and Ray Charles. And as years passed a new style of music came about and it
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