The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Nurse

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Many theorists have developed their own philosophical ideas to define and explicate the roles and the responsibilities of a nurse. As I start reading some of the theorists ' ideologies, I attempt to formulate my very own personal nursing philosophy. As I begin to scrawl down ideas onto my paper, I contemplate. Since my childhood years, I have always been drawn to those who are ill and in need. My genuine and longing desire to help others has led me to choose a career where I can fulfill my calling by becoming a nurse. My early sentimental feelings toward others had deepens as I grew, and my feeling of fulfillment became centered on patient empowerment and compassion. In order to create my personal philosophy, I must first understand the meaning behind the word philosophy. “Philosophy is an attitude towards life and reality that evolves from each nurse 's beliefs” (Edwards. D, 1997). My strong characteristics as well as my rooted beliefs and values will play an important role in guiding my practice as a nurse working in the medical field. My personal philosophy mainly focuses on health empowerment from communities to individual patients while delivering holistic care to all. I personally envision a nurse as someone professional, using their critical thinking skills, learned specialized knowledge as well as their innate ability to aid all types of patients, regardless of their culture, age or gender through their recovery or survival. On a general note, the philosophy of
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