The Roles Of A Leader

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Leadership is a broad field but basically involves overseeing what others are doing. But as much as overseeing can sound too non-hands on activity, leadership has serious involvement and happens to be a very serious role. Our manager of a branch of Toyota shops In Saudi Arabia defines his leadership roles as simply making sure the Toyota cars get sold to the car market. This is basically the role of a manager, to effect the main purpose of any company as set by the owners. However, when the role is being put into action it becomes a very wide field that breaks down to several involving and vital obligations. It is these obligations that add up to make what the company’s mission is. We learnt from our course book about the roles of a leader. The roles of the leaders are exactly the same as the Toyota manager roles. He however goes down to involve himself with how each particular job is done. This is very essential since, our course work recommends leaders who are in touch with their followers. Individual consideration can only work if a manager stays close to what is happening. Managers not only oversee but also but participate in the actual activities of the company. A good leader is the one who knows their employees and can asses them and measure them. Our course work also according to transformational leadership places importance on approachability of a manager which will only work if a manager stays close to the employees supervising what they do step by step. The

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