The Roles Of A Nurse

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This paper explores the roles that nurses play in bereavement care and how people react differently to the loss of a loved one during the bereavement process such as uncomplicated grief reactions versus complicated grief. The nurse’s role in disenfranchised grief is also explored in detail as to how the nurse can recognize grief from disenfranchised grief. The different types of disenfranchised grief are explained in detail and how a person may experience the different types. The four tasks of mourning are also identified and explained as to how a person must move through these stages so that they may be able to establish a new social life after the loss of a loved one. It is explained in this paper how a nurse can better care for their patients going through these processes of bereavement, disenfranchised grief, and the four tasks of mourning.

Nursing Implications in the Bereavement Role, Disenfranchised Grief and Tasks of Mourning There are many different roles that a nurse has while they are caring for their patients that are experiencing bereavement, disenfranchised grief and the four tasks of mourning. Bereavement is practically a universal life experience. Most bereaved people will experience normal, uncomplicated grief reactions and will recover from their loss within a reasonable time period, without the need for specific interventions other than support (Waller, Mansfield, Clark, Hobden, & Sanson-Fisher, 2016). However, sometimes individuals do not…

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