The Roles Of Advertising : The Sexualization Of Women In Advertising

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Advertisement has played a pivotal role in our everyday lives in this country throughout the course of history. Women have been overly sexualized and objectified in advertisements, specifically for beauty products, around the world contributing to society’s impossible expectations. The marketing methods created by broadcasters are implemented to influence consumers into purchasing their specific product. They use ad appeals such as the need for sex and the need for attention. These methods are often extreme, but still have managed to impact the way women view themselves and the ideal concept of beauty. Cosmetic companies target their costumer’s insecurities, thereby forcing them to hold themselves to an unattainable standard. These ads mostly target straight, white men and women and fail to represent the majority of people in this country. A key method used to advertise goods is the sexualization of women, most commonly used on celebrity figures. For ages, women have stood at the center of the entertainment industry. Companies all across the world promote female models, spokespersons, and celebrities. The advertising industry has been accused of extreme misconduct in recent years. Even though the industry has been guilty of exploiting women’s bodies to sell their product for decades, people are finally deciding to attempt to stop this epidemic. In the series of lectures Killing Me Softly IV, Jean Kilbourne holds the advertisers personally accountable by claiming, "the
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