The Roles Of Black Women On Reality Television

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Reality television is a programming that documents apparently unscripted real-life situations. The genre of reality TV shows focus tends to be on drama and personal conflict, rather than educating viewers. The roles of black women on reality television depict negative stereotypes. The roles they are portraying makes them out to look negative. Black women are already assumed to be angry, petty, loud, violent, bad attitudes, drama queens, and many more. Their actions on reality TV is portrayed to people outside our culture exactly the way they expects us to be or act. Stereotypes are taken into new levels based on reality TV, because to a certain extent, majority of black women in my society is acting that way. Those women actions on reality TV shows seem to have an influence on majority of black women who are viewers ' actions. For instance, we have reality shows like Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Bad Girl Clubs, The Real House Wives of Atlanta, and many more. Love & Hip Hop is one of the most talked about shows that negatively portrays the roles of black women. That show is full of drama which makes it interesting to watch, but shows a poor look on black women. TV critics says that this is one of the most intense reality shows, because it shows verbal and physical abuse in black relationships. The original “Love & Hip Hop” started Mona Scott-Young’s depredation into reality TV, stereotyping black women as angry, promiscuous and so on. In one of the seasons L&HH New
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