The Roles Of Eleanor Roosevelt And Betty Ford

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Throughout history, First Ladies have shaped the U.S. with their husbands and some have inspired their husband’s policies. Many First Ladies supported their husbands and have spoken alongside the President. Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford have left behind powerful, political legacies and used their voices to campaign for others. They are two of the most prominent First Ladies, who have redefined their positions during their terms.
Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most influential and powerful woman during the twentieth century. She was a pioneering first lady, who spoke out on social issues and advocated for many causes, during a time when First Ladies were expected to be silent supporters of their husbands. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor married in March 1905 and had five children together (“Eleanor Roosevelt”). In 1921, Franklin Roosevelt was infected with polio which left him paralyzed from the waist down (“Eleanor Roosevelt”). Eleanor helped look after Franklin and after a couple of years he was ready to enter politics. Eleanor soon began advocating for, “…the League of Women Voters, the National Consumers' League, the Women's Trade Union League, and the women's division of the New York State Democratic Committee” (“Eleanor Roosevelt”). While Franklin Roosevelt was governor of New York, Eleanor Roosevelt examined state prisons and hospitals for her husband (“Eleanor Roosevelt”). When Franklin won presidency in 1932, Eleanor took many trips across the country acting as
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