The Roles Of Men And Women

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Throughout history, men and women have had different roles in everyday life. Men were traditionally the bread-winner, the handyman and the ruler of the household. Women were the cook, cleaner, child-bearer (and raiser), and clothes maker. As humankind progresses, humans progress. Should women be subjected to always be the little housewife? Should men always be pressured to be the money makers of the family? My answer to both of those questions is: absolutely not. This essay will display how the roles of men and women in society are changing, especially women, and how that isn 't bad. Ever since birth, fashion roles and gender stereotypes have been drilled into our heads. Most people would agree that pink, dresses and heels are for girls and blue, suits and ties are for boys, but why? Clothing was first invented as a way to stay safe from the sun, to keep your body clean, not for fashion. The earliest depictions of clothing show dried leather hides, or large leaves, weaved and shaped into a skirt-like covering. These were simply for function. Clothing quickly turned into a way of expressing personality through colors and patterns. Men covered their lower genitalia, as did women. Traditionally, women did not cover their breasts unless they wanted to prevent their breasts from getting in the way of farming. It wasn 't until the missionary movement of the 1500-1600 's that women were not allowed to be in public without covered breasts. Fashion gradually advanced, and due to

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