The Roles Of Religion In Greek And The Greek Church

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The meaning of church in Greek is an assembly. Church means groups of people who share the same faith in Jesus Christ as the savior. The main component of the church is people who are Christians or who will be willing to become Christians. Church buildings are symbols that represent certain assemblies (Christians from different denominations) and sometimes reflect their theological backgrounds. These buildings provide space for the assemblies to worship God. However, the locations and styles of church buildings vary. The worship space can be at home, in a hotel, a traditional church building, etc. Church, which means an assembly, is the body of Christ, as Paul described in Corinthians and Ephesus. Since Jesus is the center of Christian belief, Jesus is the head of Church. The teachings of Jesus are the guidance for Christians to behave and believe. Christians follow the commandments of Jesus as the body follow the commandments of the head. Jesus and Church connect closely in the head-and-body relationship. After Jesus was taken to heaven, Holy Spirit functions as the mediator between Jesus and church by being around with the Christians in their gatherings and their daily life. Sacraments are the important rituals practiced by Christians. The two main sacraments of my tradition are baptism and the Holy Communion. Baptism is a commitment to receiving Christ as life’s savior in front of the church. Though different denominations practice baptism in different ways, the main
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