The Roles Of The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army is a Christian organisation that has become worldwide and focuses on its charitable resources to spread throughout the world. They not only have churches all around the world, but they also have aid services and shelters for people in need of them. Throughout the many years in Australia, the Salvation Army had set up orphanages for children they were abandoned from a small age. They would teach them how to read, write and they would teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In recent years, the Salvation Army has played a large role in the reducing numbers of homeless people in Australia. Fundraisers are held annually so that the communities can play a role to help raise funds for those in need. Fundraisers such as the couch project are run by the Salvos in order to raise awareness and money from the community about homelessness in Australia, people must sleep on a couch and raise money to participate in the couch project and it is allows for people in the
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The hotline is also a twenty-four hour service, which allows for individuals to call to see if there is any accommodation left for them that night. In the housing services, the individuals are asked if they are needing and legal, health or educational aid and if so, this is where the Salvation
Army can assist. As a homeless person, they do not have enough money to support themselves with any legal services if something were to happen to them. Many homeless people are heavily abused on the streets and they may need assistance in a lawyer to protect them if a situation is bad. The legal aid also provides a free will writing service if they are in need of one. They accessible services are extremely effective as it enables people to seek help and get themselves off the streets perhaps for good.
As a local community, Sydneysiders drive through the city in vans with donated fresh and long lasting food supplies, blankets and second hand clothes. They set
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